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Moving on from what was without doubt a very successful stay in the Kruger National Park, our next port-of-call was next door in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, a private reserve made up of various property-owners bordering the Kruger National Park. This is one of Africa’s flagship private reserves, operating under a ‘conservancy’ type principal where various land owners have dropped the internal fences to create a large conservation area, which in this case is open to the vast Kruger National Park, meaning that animals have space to roam – around 20 000 square km to be precise. Now, if you’ve seen photos of Leopards posing perfectly for the camera, almost too good to be true, then the chances are that those photos were taken in the Sabi Sands. The big cat viewing can be mind-blowing, though even this reserve has its peaks and troughs, but I reckon we hit it on a peak, that’s how good it was. We were staying at Idube, and from there the clients moved on to Idube’s sister lodge, Lukimbi, on the Lwakahle Concession in the southern Kruger National Park. These concessions are large tracts of land in the Kruger that are leased to private lodge operators, in a way blending the Kruger National Park with a private lodge experience. We didn’t have any guides staying with the clients, hence the lack of photos from that stay. From there we moved on to the quaint and charming world of Mkhaya Game Reserve in Swaziland, and then ended off at Tembe Elephant Park in northern KwaZulu-Natal. All in all it was another excellent tour with the ‘Aussie’ contingent, and we look forward to their return in April 2017 (for something a bit different…)


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